AlineCO Services was founded in 1994 and has operated independently since that time to provide prompt, skilled, optical alignment service to meet a variety of shop and field needs in many industries across the board. The majority of our clients are repeat and word of mouth clients. This speaks volumes about our commitment to service and accuracy of data provided with our readings.

Eugene Samson of AlineCO Services Inc. has been working in the alignment field since 1975. This gives him several decades of expertise in several applications including but not limited to optical alignment and making fine measurements on machinery, fixtures and other equipment in both shop and field applications.





AlineCO Services, Inc

PO BOX 357

South Houston TX, 77587

713-943-1143  egsamson@swbell.netOr contact Eugene Directly




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We can measure and record and often times monitor moving where most any install/move is in real time. We’re here to provide in-depth exact measurement to ensure an accurate alignment on a diverse array of machinery and precision equipment. If it needs to be level, square, parallel or plumb we can do it.

Industrial surveying
Gear boxes
Bed ways
Anchor bolt and soul plate layout
Large milling machinery/ Lathes
Centerline measurement and monument installation
Roller adjustments
Process line leveling and adjustment
Preventative measures to ensure the long life of your machinery

Any time a machine is taken off-line it should get re-measured to make sure it has not traveled and isn’t incurring unnecessary ware. This not only creates a safer environment and peace of mind, it prevents costly damage to your machinery and process lines.